Roger Stone Launches Flurry Of Attacks On DeSantis

In the realm of political warfare, even allies can become foes. Such is the case between Donald Trump loyalist Roger Stone and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Stone, a longtime adviser and friend of the former president, has recently launched a series of attacks on DeSantis via social media. These tirades come as DeSantis strives to position himself as a formidable alternative to Trump in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, squaring off against rival Nikki Haley.

Stone’s assault on DeSantis intensified over the weekend when he shared multiple memes on X (formerly Twitter) that ruthlessly mocked the governor and his supporters. One of the images featured a man holding a sign that read, “Homeless, please help,” with the caption “Life After DeSanctimonious” – a derogatory nickname for DeSantis coined by Trump. Another meme showcased an edited cereal box labeled “Team DeSantis” with “Frosted Flake” scrawled across it. Stone cleverly played on the slang term “simp,” referring to those who go above and beyond for someone they admire, by calling DeSantis’ followers “Desimps.”

Continuing his critique, Stone also took aim at Casey DeSantis, the widely recognized top political adviser to Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida. Stone’s comments on her role in DeSantis’ campaign have sparked controversy. In a recent social media post, he asserted that “organizing and mobilizing voters for a candidate that the voters despise” is an insurmountable task, citing a New York Times article detailing DeSantis’ campaign challenges. Stone contended that Ron DeSantis and his wife are universally disliked, branding them as “repugnant self-promoters.” He went on to characterize DeSantis as a “treacherous, backstabbing weasel completely lacking in any character.” Stone even went so far as to suggest that scrutinizing the governor’s finances would expose him as a dishonest individual.

Stone’s attacks did not go unnoticed, prompting the Republicans Against Trump account to call him out for his hypocrisy. The account highlighted Stone’s close association with Trump and questioned his credibility in labeling others as “treacherous” and “devoid of any character.”

These recent incidents are not the first time Stone has targeted individuals aligned with DeSantis. In November, he caused a stir by using a vulgar term to refer to Casey DeSantis, sparking outrage on social media. Stone had previously attacked Florida congressman Matt Gaetz in September for supporting DeSantis, accusing Gaetz of creating a “backstabbing weasel” who would ultimately meet his political downfall.

Stone’s controversial past adds a layer of intrigue to his ongoing feud with DeSantis. In 2019, Stone was convicted of various charges, including lying to Congress and witness tampering, related to the investigation into potential collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia in the 2016 election. However, he was granted a presidential pardon by Trump in July 2020, just days before he was set to serve a 40-month prison sentence.