SECRET Engagement: DiCaprio Making It OFFICIAL!?

Famously fickle Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio may finally be off the market. Rumors that DiCaprio is engaged began in earnest after Vittoria Ceretti, his current girlfriend, was caught by the paparazzi wearing a significant-looking ring.

The 49 year-old DiCaprio was spotted dining with the 25 year-old Ceretti on March 26 at Yuca’s, a Mexican eatery in Los Angeles. Despite the couple’s casual dress, the Italian model was sporting a thick silver band on her left ring finger.

The couple’s relationship has been public knowledge since they were caught taking an ice cream outing last summer in L.A. They were subsequently caught making out at a dance club in Ibiza. At a party on DiCaprio’s 49th birthday in November of last year, they were once again spotted hanging on and kissing one another.

DiCaprio has had a playboy’s reputation for the last several decades. He’s been caught regularly partying with models on yachts, and was an object of needling by Taylor Swift in her  2019 hit “The Man.” As he’s aged, his tendency of dumping girlfriends once they turn 25 has become something of a running joke in show-biz circles. When DiCaprio was 47 he dumped 25 year-old Camilla Morrone, his girlfriend of four years, in September 2022, leading Dionne Warwick to gently chide him, saying he didn’t know what he’s missing by avoiding older women. At the Oscars that same year, host Amy Schumer joked that DiCaprio’s commitment to the environment meant that the world would be a better place when he died and left it to his girlfriends.

Besides Morrone, DiCaprio has also been linked, at one time or another, to Blake Lively, Bar Refaeli, Gisele Bundchen, Gigi Hadid (who he started dating shortly after his romance with Morrone, and many, many more.

After such a bevy of beauties, DiCaprio may finally have met his match in Vittoria Ceretti. If true, the union marks the end of an era.