Snoop Dogg Sings Trump’s Praises

After years of harsh criticism, rapper Snoop Dogg has said that he has nothing but love and respect for former President Donald Trump, marking a complete change of heart on the matter.

The rapper was recently questioned about his opinions on the Republican presidential front-runner in an interview with foreign media. In response, he lauded Trump, mentioning that Trump pardoned Michael [Harry-O] Harris, a man associated with Suge Knight.

Snoop Dogg said Trump hasn’t wronged him in any way, and he has done nothing but good. He granted Michael Harris clemency.

Death Row Records, which Knight, Dr. Dre, and Harris co-founded in the ’90s, was the company that signed Snoop Dogg when he was just starting out. In 2021, after doing 30 years of a 25-year-to-life sentence, President Trump pardoned Harris, who had been found guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Reports show President Trump pardoned Harris and 69 others before he left office.

Michael Harry-O Harris,  well-known in South Central Los Angeles as “The Godfather” in the ’80s, was a cog in a massive heroin trade that brought in around $2 million per day.

He tried to make investments in local enterprises, but his arrest for attempted murder and drug trafficking derailed his plans.

Harris was incarcerated for 30 years due to a narcotics charge. The attempted murder charge was withdrawn when the victim recanted.

Harris has stressed the significance of owning up to his mistakes.

Reports reveal Snoop Dogg expressed his dismay at what he thought was having someone so careless in charge of our nation in an interview he gave in 2016.  Kanye West—an outspoken admirer of Trump—was also harshly criticized by Snoop Dogg in 2018.

The rapper has a history of provocative mockery in which he has publicly criticized the former President. For example, in 2017, he released an album cover on social media depicting himself standing over the corpse of Trump. He was caught smoking a blunt outside the White House on his 2018 visit.  One of Snoop Dogg’s most divisive gestures was to use a toy pistol to shoot a clown costumed as Trump in a music video.