Southwest Flight Almost Hits LaGuardia Tower, Under Investigation

During his time in the White House, President Biden has presented himself as incompetent in every arena of political discourse, on both the national and international stages. Foreign rivals of the United States are blatantly aware of this and act in an aggressive and provocative manner. Russia invaded Ukraine almost two years ago, and remains engulfed in the bloody conflict, North Korea remains committed to performing threatening military actions in the far east, demonstrating new military technologies in flaunty Pyongyang parades. It also hurled dummy simulated nuclear missiles against its neighbor across the 38th parallel, South Korea. China, most worryingly, repeatedly asserts claims over the nation of Taiwan. Beijing appears poised to take action against the island nation at any day, and in recent weeks the country sent 103 military jets over the island in a clearly threatening maneuver.

What was perhaps Bidens biggest blunder while in office also occurred in international political affairs. In the summer of 2021, he organized the botched American withdrawal from Afghanistan. Several U.S. servicemembers were killed in the events that transpired, and thousands of Afghanis who had remained loyal to the U.S. government were left behind, along with hundreds of American citizens. Militarily, America even gave up billions of dollars in military equipment and abandoned strategic airfields which were vital to implementing global defensive operations against the threatening Chinese government. 13 American servicemembers died, and the president, appearing dazed and incoherent as usual, callously stared at his watch when their bodies were returned home in a ceremony.

As things remain chaotic overseas, in domestic affairs a harrowing incident almost occurred at LaGuardia airport in New York. During bad weather, a plane almost struck an airport tower, coming extremely close to a serious crash that would have likely claimed many lives. The plane lined failed to line up with the airport runway. The plane was operated by Southwest Airlines. The incident is currently under investigation