Suspect Accused of Shooting of Brian Battie Charged

According to the county sheriff’s office, a man is facing charges related to the gunshot that left Auburn football player Brian Battie in serious condition.

On Wednesday, police in Florida apprehended Darryl Brookins, 28, on suspicion of firing a handgun at the Tallywood Centre Plaza parking lot. The gunfire wounded Battie as well as three others. Tommie Battie IV, Battie’s brother, was killed in the incident, according to the news release.

The surveillance video of a neighboring company purportedly shows Brookins leaning against its glass. Deputy reports indicate that the Battie brothers approached Brookins, who then allegedly fired a gunshot in their direction.

Both brothers apparently fell to the ground after an exchange of gunfire, according to accounts. Even though Brookins fled the scene, the SCSO was able to positively identify him after receiving many leads.

In the parking area where the shooting took place, the 28-year-old’s vehicle was found abandoned.

The University of Florida football running back Battie is reportedly in serious condition after being shot in the head. Hugh Freeze, the football coach of Auburn, said that Battie was on a ventilator.

Sports Illustrated reports that when Battie’s time at USF ended in 2021, he was named to the All-American team by consensus.

Tommie Battie was shot in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene. Three other people were hurt in the melee and transported to hospitals in the area.

After starting his collegiate career at South Florida, Brian decided to go to Auburn for his last three years. During his high school years, Tommie played football, playing cornerback.

In order to help the Battie family during this challenging time, a GoFundMe was established.

The campaign voiced their profound sadness at the passing of their cherished 24-year-old relative, who was fondly called “Pooh.”

Brian Battie has overcome many obstacles in the past, and the fundraiser is confident that he will do the same this time.