Texas Mom Arrested For Abandoning Kids to Go to Caribbean Cruise

As the spring season of 2024 in the United States begins  and the summer season rounds the corner, most individuals are likely thinking about the festivities of warm weather cruises or ocean travel. Even still, in many regions of the nation, the weather remains warm enough for late-season thrill seekers to enjoy the comforts of an ocean bound vacation. Indeed, in some southern states such as Florida, temperatures are suitable for year round tropical excursions. While most of the activities on cruise ships are filled with fun and relaxation, occasionally things happen in contrast to plans; travel is not without its risks. In the case of one family, a nightmarish situation occurred on what was likely a routine family vacation. In September 2023 a guest aboard a Carnival cruise ship was reported missing by his family.

As recounted by the Miami police department, Kevin McGrath had boarded a boat named the Carnival Conquest with the family and was last seen early on the morning of his disappearance. His brother had spotted him in his cabin around the time that the ship returned to port in Miami. After McGrath failed to appear for a scheduled breakfast with the family, an extensive search was launched by crew members for the 26 year old. Later, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Miami-Dade police department were notified, with the former patrolling the water near the port for the man. All search efforts were inconclusive and unsuccessful. McGrath was a native of Florida. Coast guard crews searched an area of 3,300 square nautical miles off the coast of Florida. Even surveillance systems could not detect McGraths presence or whereabouts, and even the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol came up empty.

In another  sickening cruise-related incident, a mother abandoned her two 6 and 8 year old children alone in an apartment in Texas for days so she could go on a tropical excursion to Puerto Rico.