The Truth About Booing At Trump’s Appearances

At the Sneaker Con convention in February 2024, former US President Donald Trump appeared to the delight of his passionate audience. The Philadelphia Convention Center in Pennsylvania was the event site on February 17th.

As he approached the podium, Trump hoisted a pair of gleaming golden high tops adorned with an American flag motif. The Associated Press reported that Trump’s appearance at the convention hall to “hawk” the shoes came the day after a New York judge announced a $355 million ruling against him in his civil fraud trial. 

The shoes, inspired by Trump, were known as “Never Surrender High-Tops” and cost $399.

Among the speculations surrounding Trump’s attendance were the claims that the audience booed him and chanted, “Let’s Go, Biden!” The accusation regarding the chant was untrue, but the booing report needs further elaboration. Instead of shouting “Let’s Go Biden!”, others in the audience used the Trump rally cry of “F— Joe Biden!” to express their support for the ex-president.

The progressive YouTube channel Meidas Touch published a video titled “Trump Gets MERCILESSLY BOOED at Philadelphia ‘Sneaker Con.'” after Trump’s speech at the convention.

According to a video (archived) by popular TikTok user @harryjsisson, which has nearly 800,000 views, Trump was “badly booed.”

However, many individuals disseminating reports about booing politicians at events do not collect enough data to get to the truth. They are typically politicized and driven by a desire for validation.

Some Trump haters were likely being booed as they attempted to heckle the ex-president.

Another inaccuracy was a claim that Trump departed the stage after sixty seconds. Trump addressed the audience for just more than five minutes. He remained in the conference room for slightly more than fourteen minutes. Additionally, contrary to what some people stated, we did not find any indication that he had intended to deliver a 45- or 60-minute address.

To learn more about the audience’s reaction to Trump’s presence, Snopes looked for further footage from Sneaker Con.

By all appearances, the audience seemed to be in favor of the former president’s attendance, according to the recordings Snopes examined.