Threats Pour In Against Makers

During an appearance with ABC News’s “This Week,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco vigorously refuted Republican allegations that the DOJ is staffed by political operatives actively supporting President Biden.

The “extraordinary spike” in threats against public officials, including those in law enforcement, prosecution, and election workers, was attributed, according to Monaco, in part to allegations of government weaponization.

Regarding the “toxicity” of the Washington atmosphere, Monaco said that these assertions “truly disturb” her.

These claims “bear no similarity to the Justice Department that I know,” said Monaco, who handles all matters relating to January 6. According to her, the Justice Department is staffed by hardworking individuals who “wake up every day without regard to who’s in the White House or who’s in Congress.” This includes investigators, attorneys, prosecutors, analysts, and professional staff.

A number of Republicans, including Trump himself and other GOP congressional leaders, have long asserted that the federal government is being “weaponized” and that agencies are attempting to advance Biden’s “political agenda” in opposition to Trump.

Monaco claims that U.S. attorneys throughout the country send her weekly “urgent reports” on “threats to public officials,” including those working for the Department of Justice.

With the former president facing four criminal charges into the 2024 presidential election season, federal prosecutors like Monaco have been under assault from Trump and his associates in recent months. Trump has often made derogatory remarks about the special counsel, federal judges, and prosecutors from the Department of Justice who are engaged in the lawsuits filed against him, as well as about Monaco.

Many Republicans raised concerns about the politicization of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision last week to remove Trump’s name off the ballot in light of his claimed involvement in the Capitol rebellion on January 6.

Democratic governors have selected all seven members of Colorado’s Supreme Court.