Top Actor Accused Of Attacking Hospital Staff

For allegedly assaulting four staff members at the University Medical Center Hospital in Las Vegas, 27-year-old Austin North, who is famous for his role as Topper Thornton in Outer Banks, a Netflix series, was taken into custody by police.

North was reported to have attacked several individuals in the emergency room department by a UMC security guard at 10:40 a.m. on Tuesday. There are accusations that North shoved his hands into a nurse’s face, punched another nurse, and pushed a phlebotomist. North fell on the floor after the phlebotomist snatched a tray and smacked the actor across the forehead. Later on, security managed to overpower North. (Fittingly, a phlebotomist is a person who “draws blood.”)

An arrest warrant was issued for North, a resident of Los Angeles, after his alleged assault on the hospital staff. He is now facing charges.

Because of his extreme anxiety, he asserts that he cannot recall what happened in the hospital. The results of tests, says North, prove that no drugs or alcohol were in his system. North said that this panic attack was the worst one he had ever experienced. He wants to bring awareness to this crippling disease and provide hope to those who have gone through similar struggles.

It is well-documented that panic attacks can induce loss of memory before and during an event. North has been battling the crippling affliction for many years.

A Los Angeles, North resident was in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl. According to reports, he uploaded a video about his stay in the city before he was arrested. Before becoming famous as Sarah Cameron’s ex-boyfriend from the show’s rival Kook group, North was a Disney Channel star. He is most recognized for his portrayal as Topper in Netflix’s Outer Banks.

One of North’s most famous roles was that of Logan Watson on I Didn’t Do It, a Disney Channel sitcom.