Trump Gains Bigger Lead On Biden As 2024 Looms

On Sunday, NBC News issued a survey showing that President Trump has his most significant advantage against Joe Biden to date. Biden’s approval ratings on economics, the border, foreign policy, and his ability to execute the job as president were all shockingly low. The NBC survey found that 60% of people disapproved of Biden, bringing his total approval rating to a record low of 37%. Only 16% of Biden supporters strongly approve, while 49% disagree. The approve/disapprove ratio for Biden was 46/50 a year ago. (Kamala Harris’s mixed rating of 28 for positive and 53 for negative is considerably worse.)

Meet the Press anchor Kristen Welker cited an anonymous pollster who stated they are looking at a presidency in peril. This was said about the highly negative polling for Biden.

Out of those polled, just 22% think the nation is moving in the “right direction,” while 73% think it’s going in the other direction. Only 36% of Americans are satisfied with Biden’s performance on the economy, 34% with his foreign policy, and 29% with his handling of the conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

In a head-to-head contest, Trump now has 47% support while Biden has 42%. This is a change from June 2023, when Biden had 49% support and Trump had 45%. (With many candidates in the race, Trump has a 41% advantage over Biden’s 35%.) Among independents, Trump has a 48–29 percent advantage against Biden.

Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies conducted the poll for NBC. In the survey conducted from January 26th to the 30th, eight hundred sixty-seven registered voters were reached via cell phone.

While a lot may happen, Biden has shown little indication of implementing midterm adjustments to prevent an electoral disaster in November, unlike Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Carter, like Biden, attempted to run for reelection in 1980 while facing inflation and foreign policy catastrophes by tacking to the center, but his effort was unsuccessful. Clinton won in 1996.