Trump Slams Biden’s Border Focus Amid Global Conflicts

The international state of politics continues to deteriorate. Over the last two years, several major wars have escalated in the world, on two separate continents. In early 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, bringing armed conflict back to Europe for the first time since 1945. The Ukrainians estimated to have occured around or over half a million casualties in the fighting. While recent reports claim that Russians have lost increasing numbers of men in recent days, the veracity of these claims is questionable as Ukrainian intelligence is routinely inaccurate. The conflict started well for Russia and the nation invaded the eastern and western portions of the nation and made food progress. After a strong start, Ukrainians put up resistance and the Russians retreated from the western part of the nation with the conflict overwhelmingly focusing eastward.

In the middle east, a serious conflict has escalated in the months since the Muslim terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel and caused over 1,000 casualties in a massive terrorist attack. Innocent civilians were murdered. Hostages were taken. Following this, Benjamin Netanyahu the nations prime minister affirmed the resolve of the country to defend itself and conflict has raged in Gaza. Many college students and academics in America have supported the cause of the terrorists. Things are not good, and recently Houthi terrorists backed by the nation of Iran were emboldened, attacking American shipping from Yemen. Less than a week after the UK and America sent forces to raid their base, missiles hit an American cargo ship. Soldiers are getting deployed to the middle east in response.

At the southern border, it is estimated that millions of migrants have illegally entered the United States in just three years. Tens of thousands continue to arrive by the day, and the crisis continues to unfold. Donald Trump has strongly criticized Biden for weak leadership. He recently attacked him for having wars overseas but not addressing the southern border.