Trump’s Fundraising Outpaces Biden’s for the First Time

In the United States, the presidential election of 2024 is inching ever closer with each passing day. With now less than six months remaining until the presidential election is held, time is running out for the two major political party presidential candidates to fundraise and garner support from voters across the country. In the most likely circumstances, the 2024 contest appears to be a rematch of the closely contested 2020 election in which the 45th president of the United States Donald Trump was defeated in detail by the long serving career politician from Delaware and Pennsylvania Joe Biden. Most polls forecast a dead heat, and many have shown the race to be statistically tied. A recent poll by Fox gave Trump a 1-point lead, and others have shown even less than that. While Trump has been polling fairly well in many swing states, things are far from certain.

Trump also remains quite vulnerable- with a whopping 67% of Americans holding an unfavorable view of Trump in recent polls. Biden is also quite unpopular, with about 47% of Americans stating that they strongly disapprove of his job performance as president in a recent survey. Only 36% of Americans survey approved of Biden in a most recent poll. It is clear that both men are unpopular, and the election is likely to remain extremely close. In truth, the country is so politically polarized that it is highly unlikely either candidate will win decisively barring a significant change in public opinion (which is unlikely) or a serious event yet to occur that could significantly alter the race.

In a recent report by the New York Times, Trump reported higher fund raising numbers than Biden in April of 2024. This is important because for the first time, Trump has outpaced Biden in terms of raising money. Whether or not this will impact the race remains to be seen, though, and Biden maintains large funds.