US Military Base Overwhelmed With Garbage

The state of Israel is no stranger to foreign aggression. Since becoming a recognized state in 1948, the nation has endured a tumultuous existence in the middle east, constantly under threat from nations like Palestine or Iran which seek to eradicate it.  In order to ensure a strong state of national security and to protect its citizens, the state possesses an elaborate defensive system and highly mobilized military force. Indeed, today Israel is a military powerhouse in the middle east. The most common threat to the country in terms of military terminology is the ballistic missile. To combat these missiles, the nation operates an “Iron Dome” battery defense system. Proven to be highly effective against rockets, artillery, mortars and slow velocity missiles, the air defense system has prevented thousands of rockets from reaching targeted civilian areas within the country.

Recently, the United States Marine Corps made public intentions to purchase three “Iron Domes” from Israel, intending to use them in anti-missile defensive measures. While the purchase may sound reasonable, critics allege that the Iron Dome’s cannot currently be integrated into the American military’s defensive network. The cause for this is that cybersecurity concerns prevent the dome’s implementation into the national Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System, or IBCS. The Dome’s engineering and design was initially partially funded by the United States, and it has served admirably in the nation’s recent defensive actions against Iranian and Palestinian terrorists.

The United States military has been in a volatile state since the Biden administration took control of the federal government. Recently, a military base in North Carolina has been dealing with a trash crisis. At Fort Liberty, chronic trash buildup has been a major issue. Dumpsters have been overflowing and filled with waste, furniture, and boxes. A lot of the garbage was near living quarters. The base had struggled to find suitable trash and waste management vendors to service their facilities.