Video Shows Top Hamas Official Getting Smoked

Senior Hamas agent Hadi Ali Mustafa was killed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on March 13th. Mustafa was located in Lebanon.  According to the IDF, Mustafa was a well-known terrorist who had planned assaults on Jewish communities worldwide.

The IDF claims that Mustafa was the driving force behind Hamas’ global expansion and terrorist assaults against Israeli and Jewish cultural targets. In addition, the IDF emphasized that it would maintain its operations against Hamas in all of its operational areas.

The incident was captured on film and shared in a tweet. It showed a white automobile getting hit by a missile and then exploding as it went down a road.

A military journalist for the Times of Israel, Emanuel Fabian, posted a shot that showed a different angle of the attack. According to Fabian’s account, at least one person has been killed in what is believed to have been an Israeli drone attack on a car near Tyre.

According to Fabian, the car was still engulfed in flames, and the photo he posted depicted the wreckage of the white vehicle.

Along with the death of the ‘Palestinian martyr,’ two people were injured, and a Syrian citizen was unfortunately slain as he rode past Mustafa’s car, according to Lebanese media.

This attack occurred only one day after two Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon killed one Hezbollah member and wounded twenty others. That attack happened in response to prior rocket assaults on Israeli military targets.

Mustafa was a member of the Qassam Brigades, according to Hamas, which confirmed the killing.

Although its headquarters are in the Gaza Strip, reports reveal that Hamas has maintained a presence in Lebanon since at least 2018.

On March 13th, the Israeli army said that the IDF and Israel’s security agencies would keep fighting the terrorist group Hamas in all of its arenas of operation.