WHO Director Becomes Frenzied Over Conspiracy Theories

Tedros Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization, has addressed concerns about the planned “Disease X” successor to COVID-19, which aims to terrify states into signing a legally enforceable pandemic treaty. 

In response to some who have said that Ghebreyesus’s proposed collective action violates national sovereignty and that conspiracy theories endanger the health of the world’s people, Ghebreyesus slammed his detractors. In his address, he presented himself as a prophet by pointing out that he had warned about the world’s lack of preparation for a pandemic years before it happened.

Notable developments in internationalist plans and collective action since the pandemic include enhanced monitoring, a pandemic fund, a pathogen-sharing app, and increased vaccine manufacturing capacity, as pointed out by Ghebreyesus. Nevertheless, no one has ever thought a pandemic would happen.

Researchers in China have developed a coronavirus variant, GX P@V, that is lethal to humanized mice in every case, often in the latter stages of brain infections. Officials from the nation that Ghebreyesus has been so effusive in praising have said that their mutant virus underscores a spillover risk of FX_P2V into humans.

“Disease X” is not a new word, according to Ghebreyesus; it has been used interchangeably with unidentified pathogens since 2018.

The official’s go-to remedy for this virus alphabet is the World Health Organization Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. Some people think the treaty is flawed because there wasn’t enough openness about it, there were secret talks, the World Health Organization overstepped its bounds and infringed on American sovereignty, American taxpayers don’t know how much it will cost, there are dangers to free speech and intellectual property, the funding for abortion is in the deal, and China will gain while the US loses.

According to Ghebreyesus, “the litany of lies and conspiracy theories about the agreement”—which include claims that the World Health Organization is trying to seize control that nations will be forced to implement lockdowns or vaccine mandates—are preventing his pandemic treaty from being effectively implemented.