Who is in the Running to be Turmp’s Running Mate of 2024 Elections?

Over the last several years, the state of political affairs within the United States have become increasingly polarized, tense, and uncertain. Since the 2016 presidential election in which the former business and real estate reality tv star and mogul Donald Trump achieved an upset victory over the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the nature of American politics has been irrevocably changed. Truly, the country is in a tense, divided climate, and it could be argued that America is more polarized than at any other time since the occurrence of the nation’s bloody civil war which occurred over 160 years ago. What is most troubling is that the country is increasingly appearing like a nation that has no national identity or any sense of a shared history or moral code as the domestic institutions of the country have been assaulted by activists from the progressive left.

Indeed, many problems in the United States have come in the form of fiscal volatility. Since the beginning of Bidens term, rampant inflation brought about at least in part by widespread government spending has crushed the American working class. It is currently estimated that over half of American citizens are living paycheck to paycheck, on a week to week basis. Additionally, for many families or households making near the median household income of around $70,000 annually, home ownership has been deemed nearly impossible as interest rates have skyrocketed, and housing prices have reached exorbitant heights.

The buying power of the American dollar has seriously declined,  and as this decline has been made more apparent, wages have remained stagnant, as they have for largely two decades or more. Consumer credit card debt has soared to heights not reached ever before, and nearly half of Americans recently polled stated they believe the American Dream is dead. As the 2024 election nears, Donald Trump, the GOP nominee, must choose a running mate. Tim Scott and others have been rumored.