WSJ Poll Reveals Biden Losing Black Men in Swing States

The Wall Street Journal found that President Biden’s support among black voters in swing states is down compared to the 2020 election cycle, The Hill reported.

The Journal compared the results of its recent swing state poll to an AP VoteCast national poll from 2020 to see if there had been any change in Biden’s support among black voters.

The Journal’s poll found that among black men, Biden’s support has softened significantly in four years.

In its swing state poll, the Journal found that 57 percent of black men said they planned to vote for Biden in November while 30 percent said they planned to vote for Donald Trump.

This was a marked decrease compared to 2020 when the AP VoteCast nationwide poll showed 87 percent of black men supported Biden while only 12 percent supported then-President Trump.

The Journal also found a slight softening of support for the president among black women.

The April swing state poll found 77 percent of black women supported President Biden while only 11 percent supported Donald Trump.

The AP VoteCast national poll from 2020 showed 93 percent of black women supported Joe Biden while only 6 percent supported then-President Trump.

Biden’s softening support among black voters hasn’t escaped the notice of the campaign, which in recent weeks has stepped up its outreach efforts to minorities.

The Biden campaign in March launched two ads, “Price” and “Back,” geared toward black voters in battleground states. In the ads, Biden speaks directly to black voters, warning them that it would be a “disaster” for blacks if Donald Trump returned to the White House.

According to an analysis from the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of black voters cast ballots for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Several recent polls have shown softening support for Biden among black voters, including a November Siena College battleground state poll which found that 22 percent of blacks supported Donald Trump in 2024.