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Nationwide Republican combines global and national news to provide the conservative American with facts about how the world changes — without the liberal bias you’ll find in mainstream media and content. Nationwide Republican seeks to pressure Congress to curb overspending while retaining America’s place as the primary global superpower.

Nationwide Republican publishes National News, which focuses on legislation and other domestic issues like the pro-life movement. Globally, Global Spotlights offers coverage of world events and America’s place within them.

We Represent the People

The Nationwide Republican mission is to represent the conservative viewpoint and to educate readers without the liberal bias you’ll find in mainstream media news outlets. We believe in the importance of free speech and your right to express yourself, which is how we seek to strengthen the conservative movement. We want to help you make your voice louder and more confident, armed with facts and information about foreign and domestic policies.

Honest, Ethical Reporting

Our news coverage is honest, ethical, and without liberal bias. We’re committed to telling the truth about America’s place in the world and about the legislation that threatens our personal freedoms and affects our daily lives. We focus on reporting in a manner that is sensitive to our brave law enforcement officers, who honorably defend our communities.

Regular National News Updates

National News offers information and frequent updates about legislation in Congress and other activities that limit critical personal rights and freedoms. We’re especially concerned with the preservation of Constitutional rights and the necessary protection of life after conception. If you’re looking for information about limiting gun control legislation and blocking pro-abortion bills, subscribe to National News.

Detailed Global Spotlights

America’s place on the global stage has never been stronger — and the conservative movement intends to keep it that way. From summit meetings around the world to discussions about America’s contributions to global relief efforts, Global Spotlights covers America’s brilliant influence across the world.

Don’t Miss Our Updates

Stay in touch by checking back to Republican Nation frequently. In addition to subscribing to Global Spotlights and National News, we publish updates about America’s place in the world and legislation moving through Congress. Stay connected to keep the conservative viewpoint top of mind.

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