Editorial Guidelines

Nationwide Republican Editorial Guidelines

If there is one thing we understand, it’s how frustrating it is to scour the television and internet for honest, ethical news. We approach each day with a clear mind and do our best to bring you the most relevant news — free of filler, fluff, agenda, and bias.

In order to do so, we demand our team follow a strict editorial policy. These guidelines help us to ensure the news we publish is well-researched, unique, and trustworthy.

Unbiased Reporting

Our team members – all of them – are required to disclose any affiliation that could be considered a conflict of interest. This especially applies to lobbying groups, corporate sponsorships, and anything with the potential to sway the way a story is reported.

We avoid opinion pieces on our site. In the rare event we do publish one, it will be clearly marked. Editorialization is against our policy as well. Personal belief and bias does not belong on our pages – only facts.

Plagiarism and Artificial Intelligence

Nationwide Republican has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism. Our writers are expected to do their own research, their own fact-checking, and their own work. While we don’t shy away from AI as an idea generator, we do not allow the use of any form of artificial intelligence in the creation of our copy.

Ethics and Integrity

It is important to uphold a high standard of ethics and integrity. We know how difficult it can be to read about sensitive topics — especially those around war, reproductive rights, and family values. We strive to handle each topic with the respect and care it deserves.


Mistakes happen. And while we do our best to avoid them, they happen to us from time to time as well. We promise to always make prompt corrections, and to be transparent about any updates we make to our work.

Reach Out to Nationwide Republican

Reach out to our team anytime. Email us or reply to one of our newsletters. We can’t wait to hear your comments, and even your criticism. Without you, we are nothing.